Strijbos & Van Rijswijk

Lead Artist Duo — Sound/Multimedia
Strijbos Van Rijswijk Portret Image Kendal

'Pivotal to our work is the experience of the audience, interacting as active participants with the sounding environment that we create.'

'We challenge people to approach our compositions, which vary from pure music to spatial installations, with an open mind.'


Jeroen Strijbos & Rob Van Rijswijk’s award-winning work combines electro acoustic composition and spatial elements, performance, design and innovative music technology. Their site-specific performances and sound installations transform listeners into active participants. Their Walk With Me app places control of GPS and realtime processing in the hands of the listener, via a smartphone. Audience movement triggers spoken words, music and sonic effects. Their work alters the perception and ‘feel’ of public spaces. They are based in Tilburg.

Honours & Prizes

Best of Dutch Design Week 2016
with interactive installation ‘Rocking Chairs’

1rst Prize The Prins Bernhard Cultural Foundation Netherlands 2012

Honorary mention PRIX Ton Bruynèl 2010

Nomination "Bourges International Competitions 2009,
Electroacoustic Music and Electronic Arts"


“Composition, Time and Space” 2013